American musician, entrepreneur & impact investor.

After starting his career with the pop rock band STRIVE appearances in the early 2000s, Thompson achieved recognition for his recordings with primer digital record label Go Digital Records FIRE and Leave With Me on the television series The Real World and Road Rules (2007). He made his global debut performing live throughout Russia (2002) and received critical praise for his tours in Brazil (2005).

After completing his global tours in 2009, Thompson focused his attention on entrepreneurship founding a series of technology startups to support artists worldwide. In 2010 he founder The Content Store a direct-to-consumer digital publishing platform for independent artists. In 2014 he co-founded BizHive a marketplace to help artists and small businesses grow using the latest digital marketing technologies. Artist Marketplace, Thompson’s latest internet startup is the leading global online marketplace to discover, book and pay artists worldwide.

Thompson is the founding partner of the impact investment group StartupRunner Capital (2017) which has invested in over 50 startups in the USA and Brazil. Recently investing in the launch of the Artist Brewery which produces artistic-themed artisanal beers, artisanal beer distribution franchises and local venues which are an extension of Artist Marketplace to accelerate the return of performance opportunities for local artists post the COVID-19 pandemic. Other impact investments include Mendez Pimentas, Adore Shows, Interplay Learning, Aspire Drinks, Eco-Fashion Corp and Artist Marketplace. 

In 2020, Derick launched the Artist Marketplace in Brazil to support the growth of performance opportunities for emerging artists which was interrupted by the current pandemic after a few months. During the pandemic, Thompson returned to writing and performing music recently signing with Sony Music for the release of his back catalog and Warner Music Group for his upcoming EP First Mistakes. 




Thompson is considered to be an equal entrepreneur and artist, known for his constant pursuit of projects which make a positive social impact. His most recent project to bring Brazil’s most famous rock songs (Primeros Erros by Kiko Zambianchi, Dias Melhores by Jota Quest, Tempo Perdido by Legend Urbana, Sem Radar by JSL Jack) is a perfect example of how his entrepreneurial savvy, understanding of market trends and talent as a rock artist create compelling experiences for audiences worldwide.